Native Advertising

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Increase brand awareness and engagement with intent-driven native advertising. We surface and match content to audiences most likely to take an interest and deliver highly engaged unique visitors to your site and landing pages.

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Why you should use Native Advertising

  • Capture attention  from 1 billion global users and 600m monthly mobile users
  • Build relevance by associating content with target audience profiles
  • Empower customers with usable and empowering branded information
  • Increase awareness & engagement through content interaction & sharing
  • Amplify content – consumers share native ads within their social networks
  • Reduce wastage – native ads deliver higher views, CTRs and purchase intent

Optimise Native – features & benefits

  • In-market & customer profile data to match audiences with the relevant brands
  • Predictive targeting to match audiences with the most relevant content
  • Optimise targeting by geo location, device, context, demographics, shopping intent…
  • Measure campaign impact by platform, device, geo, time, day, audience…
  • Expansive reach – accessible audience of 1bn global users across premium content
  • Engaging ad formats – including video and mobile formats and re-targeting options

Benefits of partnering with Optimise

  • Target in-market audiences at scale, in real-time, across web & mobile, with multi-dimensional targeting
  • Convert audiences by moving them along the funnel by linking to dedicated landing pages, and combining with lead generation and re-targeting solutions
  • Optimise to quality KPIs and by measuring the cost & effectiveness of each native ad and its ability in moving audiences through the funnel