Optimise launches internship program for Data Science graduates

Optimise launches internship program for Data Science graduates

Optimise, a leading global performance marketing company, has announced that it has launched an internship program for data science graduates in conjunction with the University of East Anglia. Launched in September 2018, the internship program helps recent data science graduates apply their skills within a commercial environment.

Optimise are keen to support the development of budding local talent by providing opportunities for graduates to work on data related projects that provide value by creating a positive impact and a commercial return for clients.

The first two interns to take part in the internship program feel that “this has been the first proper work experience in an established company which offers an amazing opportunity to really see what a real data science career can be, as well as understanding the challenges that businesses are facing in respect of their data.” They go on to say that “it’s an experience with a steep learning curve, and has been challenging at times, but we have learnt a lot on both the business side as well as the R&D data science side.”

Optimise have been making strategic investments in their underlying data stack, artificial intelligence and predictive analysis over the last 12 months. Optimise CTO, Giles Hunt said “it all starts with our state-of-the-art Universal Tracking technology. It lets us dive deeper into the data than anyone else, recording tens of millions of customer journeys daily – which devices, content and creative they interact with. Then we piece together those billions of bits of complex data to provide advertisers with an instant picture of where their best prospects are, and how to get them.”

Optimise CEO, Stephen Rumbelow goes onto say that “we’re more than just a software platform, so we don’t just send clients a 200-page spreadsheet and say ‘good luck’. Crystal clear reports and a team of analytics experts give clients the story behind the data, using powerful visualisation tools to translate it into insights they can act upon instantly, optimising campaigns to boost conversion and maximise ROI.”

Optimise have also recently been short-listed in nine awards for the 2018 International Performance Marketing Awards in recognition of how they’ve been using data-driven innovation for the benefit of their international clients.

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