Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising

Get instant reach across all markets, platforms and channels and target in-market audiences to grow your active mobile user base. Our range of engagement metrics and KPI optimisation will help your app become a scalable and sustainable part of your business.

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Why you should use Mobile Advertising

  • Drive brand engagement with large scale awareness and real user engagement
  • Acquire and activate users using powerful data signals to drive precise targeting
  • Increase customer intimacy by tailoring time relevant marketing messages
  • Re-market to existing users to convert new users into high value repeat customers
  • Global reach and scale with access to over 1bn mobile users
  • Reduce wastage – mobile advertising can be more targeted and cost effective

Optimise Mobile – features & benefits

  • Grow you user base across 240+ countries and to 85% of global internet users
  • Launch quickly – simple configuration and integrations with all tracking platforms
  • Ad Network that matches your campaign goals and KPIs with the right traffic
  • Media buyers can target in-market audiences to deliver scale, CPI goals and KPIs
  • Post-install tracking to optimise ad spend to maximise post-install actions and ROI
  • Mobile tech – deferred deep-linking, app re-engagement, SDKs, track in-app sales…

Post-install performance

Our mobile analytics and reporting solutions provide real-time attribution and de-duplication of all clicks, installs and events to advertising sources to track performance against KPIs. Our post-install event tracking technology enables us to monitor results against your quality KPIs and optimise campaigns real-time.


AppButton is non-intrusive advertising for mobile that matches context with users by integrating advertiser’s apps into other relevant mobile sites and apps. AppButtons match users’ locations to real-time product availability and appear in context to users’ predicted needs.

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Traffic quality management

Our monitoring provides early warning signs so we can take action against non-permitted traffic sources; forced, fraudulent or non-human installs and events. We monitor conversion rates and quality metrics across all events in the funnel, validate installs and events against geos, validate in-app sales with advertisers and cap clicks, installs and budgets by publisher.

Advanced Mobile technologies

We track all activity on mobile browsers, m-commerce sites and mobile apps across all major mobile platforms. We also offer deferred deep-linking, app re-engagement, post-install event tracking, in-app sales tracking, and real-time data sync of performance data. We have simple, easy-to-integrate SDKs that track installs and every post install event and our advanced app-to-app tracking records secondary app installs and the subsequent transactions.


Benefits of partnering with Optimise

  • Target in-market audiences globally, in real-time with multi-dimensional targeting
  • Convert by moving audiences along the funnel with deferred deep-linking and in-app sales tracking, and by matching campaign goals with the right channels and formats to ensure your app meets the right audience
  • Optimise to quality KPIs in real-time with post-install event tracking and by aggregating traffic from a wide variety of sources and focusing on these that deliver the highest value users
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